Founded by architect/author Jim Leggitt, FAIA,  LEGGITT STUDIO has over thirty-five years of design leadership providing a collaborative team approach, an interactive “hands on” design process, quick visualization products and methods for effective communication.

Creative Services offered by LEGGITT STUDIO:

Urban design and master planning / Design charrettes / Community meetings and workshops / Proposals and interviews / Strategic planning / Formal presentations / Competitions / Fundraising / Consensus building / Due diligence / Education

Communication Products offered by LEGGITT STUDIO:

Story boards and character sketches / Concept drawings and presentation renderings / Coordination with outside renderers and animators / SketchUp massing studies and presentation models / Graphic reports, documents and large format presentations / Audio visual presentations / Marketing material

Clients teamed with LEGGITT STUDIO:

Design firms - architects, contractors, planners, landscape designers, interior designers / Institutions  - municipalities, schools, churches, hospitals, museums / Businesses - restaurants, retail / Individuals - home owners

For more information about LEGGIT STUDIO: contact Jim

“Helping to improve your creative process and design communication”

LEGGITT STUDIO can improve your design process and project communication with:

  1. Adding extra talent to your team

  2. Quick results and rapid turnaround

  3. Minimal financial investment

  4. Consensus building

  5. Confidence in direction

  6. Visual presentations

  7. Competitive advantage

  8. You get exactly what you need

  9. Team oriented and flexible process

  10. Marketing and fundraising collateral

  11. Ongoing help and consultation

  12. New idea generation

  13. Winning work and approving projects

  14. Direct participation by Jim Leggitt, FAIA